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So the tragedy of a Notre-dame fire ignites

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A populace is saddened by a fire that defaces history, and then all of the sudden millions of dollars are given by the richest people overnight. 

Yes, there are people who can donate millions to rebuild. Yes, there is inequality. 

A monument. In historic terms, the beginning of Paris.

Almost overnight almost a billion dollars is donated to rebuild the historic site.

Quite literally, almost a billion US dollars, quite literally overnight.

A pot of gold, not bequeathed, just donated.

I wish they would have done the same for Puerto Rico.

They are so afraid of any type of populist movement when the monetary movement had seemed to have been the stalwart mechanism

once upon a time.


So the tragedy of the Paradise did not signify a problem caused by man made climate change. And Exxon did not hire scientist to construe

a pack of lies way back in the nineteen seventies - they actually did.


We aren't that smart. We never knew. We all just tried to get a job and make a life. 

Quite literally.


Donald J. Trump won the presidential election in 2016 by the electoral count, with the help of the GRU. And yes, they lied. 

And yes, the Republican Party lied. 

And yes, the ACA, the Affordable Care Act, allowed people to have healthcare no matter whether or not they had pre-existing health conditions, 

and almost overnight, the rate of healthcare insurance rates flattened out. 

For some crazy odd reason health insurance rates all of the sudden stopped rising through the roof.


It was almost like, some smart finance people got together and said, we should tone down how much we are taking advantage of, "what they called,

the gravy train", well at least for awhile. 


They work over seventy hours a week in China now. They work over seventy hours a week all over the US just trying hard to get by. But the world has

changed. We have a problem with public schools, and the Republicans want to push more people into private schools that are not constrained by having

to deal with children with handicaps. Let those parents deal with their deficient kids on their own.


You just cannot have a progressive taxation system. You got to have a regression, one that is far far far from 1 that is close to perfect, how about 0.0001 for starters. 

We used to say, it had to be > 98%, I am talking about accuracy of measurement, coefficient of determination, R squared.

See they lie, they all lie. Where numbers don't seem to matter. People are fed up and they don't know how to change things anymore.


The major plumbing was put in place well over a hundred years ago and built to last 75.


I guess we need Billionaires to donate right now. Please do donate now. The people in Puerto Rico have been waiting a long time.

Where are the engineers? 











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