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who would support a ban on conservatives?

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On 4/21/2019 at 9:48 AM, bludog said:


About a year and a half ago, just such a sub-forum was proposed, in the Moderator Meeting thread, visible only to mods.  Two volunteers agreed, as their only duty, to moderate the Civil Debate Sub-Forum.   Rules were drawn up.  Then, for very vague reasons, it never came to fruition.  My guess is, the owner, who usually resists changes, nixed it.

That's really too bad. 

I think folks on the Liberal board would really like to participate in a moderate meeting thread. But you get this feeling that you have to be on one side the way things are now. 

Playing the devils advocate is not such a bad thing, I think it bares fruit regarding understanding the basics of civil discord. Why should we go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site, what other informational resources are there in the Federal government, or even state and city government to utilize in any type of policy debate?

If you were practical, you would look things up yourself, and I think I just answered my own question.

Look, the Congressional budgeting process is waywardly absurd. Then, the representatives spend all their time trying to raise campaign money. That is in essence a total turn off. And yet it's true.




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