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A Novel Way To Curb Trumpian Depravity With Universal Health Care

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I sent this letter to Senator Mitt Romney


It all became clear to me when the base rejected Governor Kasich for Cruz and Trump that the Republican base has descended into some sort of evil abyss. It started in 2008 when John McCain had to quell some of his vile unChristian supporters. Trump is an evil man that many Biblical scholars think is the anti-Christ. I don't know about that but I know his base is comprised of people who are more depraved than they are ignorant and stupid. 

Trump's largest support comes from the Bible belt and by every measure of morality, the Bible belt is extremely unChristian and immoral.  I am not implying that Christians are the only moral people in the world.  I just think that if one wants to wear that label one should walk the walk as well as talk the talk.


If I had a daughter I would not want her to marry a man like Donald Trump. I would want her to marry a man like President Obama or John McCain or President Reagan. i.e. men with honor who would respect her. The hatred from them towards Obama is to be expected as he's biracial and a Democrat and many Republicans in the Bible Belt are racists but after their support of Trump their ugly hatred for John McCain did shock me a bit. They excused Trump's cruelty towards McCain and his family and before that Trump and his base attacked First Lady Barbara Bush President GHW Bush. Real Americans don't do stuff like that. 


The issues between the so called left vs the so called right can be dealt with constructively but not with so many people who have the Trump mentality and the Trump morality. Good decent Republican leaders are becoming rarer and rarer because it seems the GOP base is becoming more and more depraved. Things are different in Utah which by every measure has a moral and law abiding population much like the Northeast. Research will show that the Bible Belt and other red states are very immoral and lawless. Alaska for instance has the highest rates of STDs and the Bible Belt leads the country in divorce, murder, drug use, violent crime, gluttony and teen pregnancies. What's happening? 


I realize that government can't and shouldn't directly legislate morality but something should be done. I support universal health care for a lot of reasons. The top reason is to stop the greed, adequately regulate hospitals and doctor and come up with cures instead of exploiting human suffering. Whether health care is a right or a privileged is for another debate. This leads me to my point. Rights and privileges come with responsibilities. The people in the Bible Belt are not responsible when it comes to their health. They have more health problems due to their lifestyles of smoking, drinking, promiscuity, drugging, sloth and gluttony. If universal health care comes to be would it right to treat self-inflicted illnesses such as diabetes, COPD, drug addiction, obesity, heart disease etc... As it stands now, the medical industry is all too happy to enable the behaviors of irresponsible people. Capitalism has flaws and the US medical industry is a prime example of that. If doctors were allowed to refuse to treat non compliant patients, perhaps the slothful and gluttonous would mend their ways which would force the food industry to sell healthier food.


Let's make America better by making Americans better.




As many of you know, I believe that nature accounts for they lion's share of human behavior but nurture and environment play a role. While bad people can't be turned into good people, bad people can be forced to behave lawfully and responsibly.  IMO it would be unfair to responsible people to spend medical resources on people who won't behave responsibly when it comes to their health. 


Give that fat lummox with type 2 diabetes a year's worth on insulin. If by then they have not lost a decent amount of weight cut off their insulin or make them pay out of pocket. 


If smokers refuse to quit stop free treatment and make them pay out of pocket. 


Cover only responsible people. 


As we have seen, MAGAts are infantile when it comes to their rights. They want their rights but they don't care about the rights of others and they don't seem the think that rights come with responsibilities. Perhaps some negative reinforcement would make them more responsible even though they would still disregard the rights and well being of others, pigs that they are.

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