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confidential sources say

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the goat fu cking whore....ilhar ohman! is happy that noter dame is burned down....

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Her brothers did this to American men, woman and children, and she is all for it.Killing civilians like the evil creatures they are.




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Muslims Are Hijacking Democrat Party

Confused as to why the Democrat Party has begun to embrace anti-Semitism, despite receiving over 75% of the Jewish vote and massive amounts of money from Jewish donors? Imtiaz Ahmad Mohammad helps us make sense of it. He is an immigrant from Pakistan who barely speaks English but who may be in Congress after the next election, passing laws on behalf of Islam that we will have to live under.

Embedded video

Meet Imtiaz Ahmad Mohammad:

A muslim immigrant from Pakistan who became a U.S. citizen 4yrs ago & is running for FL House of Representatives for the 2020 election

Mohammad is the ONLY candidate that has filed to run for this seat

Mahmood is a friend & donor of Hillary Clinton.

Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are only the beginning. With explosive reproduction rates and a 1,400-year history of rigid conformity or death, Muslims are the ultimate voting bloc. Also, the centuries-long war of annihilation it has waged against Western Civilization makes Islam second only to Cultural Marxism itself in fundamental hostility toward American society — which is why most Democrat constituencies are reflexively supportive of it. The more “refugees” flood into America, the more the Democrat Party will become the Islamic Party.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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