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On 5/29/2019 at 6:47 AM, Old Mack said:


Get use to it...I get it all the  time.


No one is looking at these homemade meme's of mine BUT I still have fun posting them.



I'm looking and I agree.

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Childish gamerPUNKS too pathetic to ever have friends they still think playing computer games was socializing. When the rest of us were dating hot girls and playing sports these PUNKS were crying and playing games alone in their rooms. Now they think their little social RETARDATION means something to other people GOD they are pathetic

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2 minutes ago, Old Mack said:



Image result for orange man bad meme  


Orange man is not ending any wars.  I'm going to sleep now. Wake me when the wars are over.

Bonus notches.

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Yo, old mac!


About your sif.


Why would sh*tting in San Fran make a liberal feel better?


Because he can watch a con eat it.


Now that's funny^ 

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57 minutes ago, TDS said:

Why would sh*tting in San Fran make a liberal feel better?


If you haven't been keeping up with the news...because of the ultraliberal policies;  SanFran is now being overwhelmed by homeless people.  The city is letting them stay in areas where it is not best suited for the task.  They are also having problems w/ people shooting dope out in the open.  Because there are so many people with so much going on the coppers are being overwhelmed by the ultraliberals policies.  It has gotten to the point where LEO is just looking the other way...doing thier 8 and than heading home for a plate.


If you are still having trouble connecting the dots...let me know. 



Image result for homeless in san francisco 2019Image result for san francisco streets homelessImage result for homeless san francisco 2018Image result for san francisco homeless city


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