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The Muller Report

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This is it folks! We have to raise hell more than ever before to get anything done! The Trump team is hoping we'd be too run down to keep on their asses! If he Muller report has things in it to sensitive to be released to the public, there is still no reason not to release the whole thing to congress! A democrat led congress is not going to release things to the public they shouldn't. Republicans put party before country, not Democrats! The summeries of each part of the muller report were maid by the muller team so they could be released to congress and the public with little or no redactions! All (or most) of those should be released to the public. If people from the Muller team are complaining that the Barr summery(summeries?) paint an unrealistic picture, there must be something Barr doesn't want us to see that we need to see! We have to protest and raise Hell! We can 'put all this behind us' after the impeachment hearings!

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