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Still Think Righties Are Merely Confused Or Brainwashed?

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Check out this thread and poll. They are more deranged and deplorable than you ever thought. I get it and I understand why people think that most of them are good people but that is because we are judging them by our moral standards. We think they have been charmed by the Orange Menace. They are the Orange Menace. Moral and sane people would not have made Trump the head of their party. 


If you read the thread I posted you will see why MAGAts should not have guns and why we would be wise to own guns. They are not our political adversaries, they are the enemies of truth and the American way. They shoot up schools, streets, malls, mosques, synagogues, and churches. 


Study: White Extremists More Dangerous Than Islamists ...

Mass Shooters: More MAGA Than Misunderstood | Bitter Gertrude

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Well I do not know what to say here so I will go way back in time when I was working in biomedical research for the University of Michigan as what was then called a Vet tech, this was back in 1981. 


Anyway, there were all these resident surgeons and they were practicing the fine art of saving a patient who comes into the Emergency Ward filled with bullet holes. And so anyway this one highly skilled savvy Black resident says, and I paraphrase, "you know, I wish doctors were trained to diagnose pure racism, so that when you went to the doctor they could just tell you, man you are a racist, and that's going to undercut your chances of living a good quality of life, and most likely it will also undercut your own longevity in life due to the hate that you hold onto. But would that be a good thing for the rest of us, since I know, there is nothing I can do as a medical doctor, nothing I can cut out from your body that will save you. but would I, if I could, spend all my time on just you, and thinking about all the money that it would cost, I mean that's an oath I took people, I would. And that sounds crazy man, that is sounding real crazy, boy." And he did this while working the knife, with one hand and feeling a lumbar artery in his other, totally focused on his art. A true teacher with talent to practice no one could deny.


This guy was highly skilled, he could do a shunt, with one hand, he wore glasses, he was an artist, you know one of those top notch surgeons who understood the gut was different in different regions where folks ate different foods all their lives. He understood stress, the human body and how it operates, and people of any color. And I was just a kid, and I mesmerized 

by his incredible mind and talent all around. 


I don't know what happened to him, I'm guessing he's probably extremely rich if he's still around. He was young back then, like a lot of poor ignorant white Nationalist white boys are now.




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I purchased a pistol right after G. W. Bush was elected,

BECAUSE G. W. Bush was elected,

because I didn't know what to expect from "conservatives".


Some self-righteous "conservative" passed me up on the road,

and attempted to cut back too soon, so as to run me off the road.

I had some sort of anti-Bush bumper sticker on my truck.

I let him keep on going, of course.


Never have used the pistol.

But it is in the pistol safe bolted to the wall, in the closet in the bedroom.

Hoping that I never do use it.


I fully agree with letting them know that Liberals are armed,

and will defend ourselves.


Read that many "conservatives" brag that they own 10 semi-automatic weapons.

Is that one weapon for each finger?

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And now that I remember,

I mentioned my weapon to a cement brained "conservative" that I had worked with.


He didn't quite know how to react.


I do think that he realized that its purpose,

was to defend myself from people like him.

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