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So What has Trump accomplished?

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Besides the points that Adam Schiff chairman of the intelligence committee made the other day, all of which were proven to be true, what has Trump done during his presidency that should make you worry about your future?


Secretary of the interior, Trumps nomination who was a oil lobbyist is also being investigated on charges of public corruption. What about David Bernhardt? 


This is an important job that controls the use of public lands. One big Oil lobbyist after another, each of which carries a legend of corruptness is not a good way to go.


The Supreme Court, and then there's the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. You know we are so sorry that Trump would use John McCain's good name to go on a tirade of bullBad word, all in front 

of a group of war veterans, but that's what this jerk does, every day. Mitch says they will not close down the government, and then Trump does. Mitch doesn't push back at all.


Let's cut food stamps for poor folks, some people think that's too much taxes too much for the Federal Government to spend, and some, possibly take advantage --- and it's misreported what it cost as well http://cepr.net/blogs/beat-the-press/putting-numbers-in-context-a-winnable-battle-our-side-doesn-t-want-to-fight


Trump meets with Putin alone.

Trump meets with NK dictator Kim Jong-Un alone


By tweet he announces that the Golan Heights are accepted by the US as Israel won land. So you can wage war on an opponent and rightfully 

make their land your own - is right?


Mohammad Bin Salman has an expat who is a journalist living in the US mutilated in a Turkish Embassay

And meanwhile the Saudi's are using American made planes and bombs to kill innocent people in Yemen


Trump says he believes that man made climate change is all made up / this is backed up by his policy measures

and his supreme court appointment.


Where does one start to point out that this is bad news. Say nothing about his latest move to use the Justice Department to destroy the last vestiges of Obama Care that people need to live.

 And all this we knew the very moment he won the election.


Trump rightfully says that too many manufacturing jobs went overseas, and then he uses Tariffs on China. China is an economic powerhouse now that doesn't even need the US. That's a fact you can take to the bank. The US Corps that go over there do so to make big profit. Meanwhile, the Tariffs are costing the US consumer 1 - 2 billion dollars a month. 


Trump rightfully questions the Federal Bank, suggesting that wrongful monetary policy measures actually slow down the economy, even when there is no evidence of inflation above 2 percent. 

Then he nominates Stephen Moore as Chairman of the Fed - 


42 percent of american's polled still support his presidency.


I find that amazing in itself.


But then, the Republican Party and all of their actions in the last twenty years just don't lie. 

They just don't!!!











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So the other day Mitch McConnell forces a Senate vote on the Green New Deal, which oh BTW is not a bill or a piece of legislation. He does so as a Canard, a deceitful political maneuver to move the base on the right, and possibly sway some centrist folks who might be uninformed as it were...


It is rejected 57 - 0.

And then, Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee speaks about the Green New Deal. Lamar, who for years and years would never allow any talk of man made climate change to ever exist in any bill he ever supported until something like 2015, says, the Green New Deal just is the wrong way to go. Instead, he, Lamar Alexander pronounces, and I'm not kidding, what is needed is a Manhattan style legislation where we invest in Nuclear power plants across the land, and we allow for Natural Gas fracking on public lands.


This an important point. Actually it's critical to understand, I yelled into the radio I was listening to while driving home from work on an over-crowded freeway of cars... 

If you spent a small percentage of the money it would take to build just a couple of nuclear power plants you could build a massive public transit system that would utilize far far less energy than using automobiles. The point being, Lamar Alexander knows very little about engineering, the possibilities of alternate energy including solar and wind, energy grids, on and on.

In fact, he's the very last person I would listen to regarding what is needed to reduce our use of fossil fuel. And yet, he goes on this tirade as though he is a voice of reason.


Here's a good link I provided before https://www.ineteconomics.org/


This is a place where people can learn from the smartest topic experts in the field of climate change, engineering, etc. It's far better than your cable news, and well worth the education for all Americans. You need to challenge your own views as a citizen and seek information that will help you demand the right kind of change.


There are scores and scores of topic experts all around the world who can explain with actual fact and not hyperbole what should be done. 

As former President Harry Truman declared, in addition to being the “eyes” of its constituents, Congress must also be the general public’s “voice” and “talk much about what it sees.” Hearings are a terrific platform to not only uncover information but educate the public about abuses of power. * 

*Jeff Hauser and Eleanor Eagan
The Hill, March 18, 2019

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