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What's the problem with Rep. Omar?

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45 minutes ago, WillFranklin said:

I completely support Omar and think that she has for one helps wake Americans up to the abuses Palestinians face at the hands of Israeli Jews.


And I do not think her comment about AIPAC was anti-Semitic. It was more about politicians' loyalties and the reason for them having to do with the "Benjamins".

I agree. I think she is non-combative and kind, and that she gives a voice towards the truth regarding solving human problems made by human beings. We can all say that every religion, every country on Earth has its faults, without hating one another. Omar is shining truth and trying to educate. That makes her sound suspect to many folks in congress who are not completely honest. Why are the Saudi's bombing Yemen? Are there no good people in Palestine, how do you expect ordinary people to live in the Gaza Strip sanctioned as they are?



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