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The defining characteristic of the Trump administration is incompetence

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The defining feature of the Trump administration is incompetence


And deceit.


To think that a wall would keep people out, is the greatest sign of incompetence.  There are ladders and aircraft ...  Shovels and excavating equipment.  And any wall, no matter the construction, can be physically defeated by power saws, explosives, etc.  The Berlin Wall only worked because of closely spaced gunnery towers.  To duplicate that would not only be an atrocity but economically impractical, over the entire 1,954 mile border with Mexico.


Since loyalty and not competence is what Trump is most concerned with, his staff and appointees tend to be Trump loyalists who have no idea about the job they suddenly find themselves in.  So the incompetence starts at the top and leads to a general inertia in the administration.  When something requiring any level of complication be done, it is usually by an appointee who is not equipped to deal with it.


Of course, what is needed is a coordinated policy with Mexico.  And possibly, agreements with Honduras and the other, countries involved, as well.   Mutual agreements and plans of action, would  regulate immigration better than any fence or wall. The trouble is, Trump and those surrounding him, tend to see diplomacy with weak nations as beneath their dignity.  And what is not mentioned is that they don't know the first thing about how to accomplish it even if they wanted to.   None of this is about to change.



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Deceit, yes. But we only know it's deceit because they're so crappy at it.


Good liars are harder to catch in their lies. This crowd is so incompetent at lying that they get caught just about every day, sometimes multiple times.


Even the smarter ones get caught lying. Giuliani, for example.

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