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Is anyone else on here a fan?


I stumbled upon this channel a few months ago, and I really think that if we are going to continue to discuss politics and actually attempt to persuade the persuadable not to sink into the darkness of Trumpism, THIS is the way to do it. Apparently, she has actually managed to have success with young people who have been seduced by all of the alt-right garbage out there... which is definitely encouraging.




My favorite video of hers is the one where she empathizes with incels and tries to get them out of their death cult mentality, but I was also pretty blown away by this one on crypto-fascists and how they seduce centrists into hating perfectly rational liberals/leftists and supporting fascism (which they will never identify as fascism).




I think the key to it all is that she approaches these issues with what can only be described as a genuine empathy and concern for the people who are caught up in this stuff, looking past the disagreeable surface and finding a rational explanation for it all.


A lot of the mainstream liberal commentators are largely outraged or appalled, judging or mocking people who fall under the spell of RWNJism... but she totally gets that this isn't the way to go, probably because of her experiences as trans and understands that people have layers. I know I am definitely guilty of judging people and really enjoy biting sarcastic humor... but at the same time I think it's important not to lose sight of the fact that everyone is a person the same as you are, and even if they are capable of terrible things,  it doesn't mean they ever really stop being one.

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Interesting videos.  Natalie wants to replace the pageantry of the right with "our own pageantry".  Evidently she is a good spokesman, on the left, to young people.  We need more on the left like her, exposing and debunking white nationalism.

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