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I only used statistics to understand what the people need

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I only used stats to understand the need people had

but I never understood enough about what they never could


all the things that most never ever had any luxury to even

begin to even think of


Some days now, I only think, there is only the here, there is only now


These are the days, our family treasured

These are the days measured where

the few one day shine


I only used statistics like a mathematical tool.


These are the days to understand what is finite 

These are the days on March 14 the day of 3.14159265359


So I am driving my girl to her classes, she's gonna be seventeen soon


She's already in college, and the dog, her dog, is in the car and the sun is kind


and faraway I think back, how does she know 


what I was not smart enough to ever tell her.



I have nothing, I am no svengali

She just means something to me 


and she happens to be very bright.



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