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Now, this is crazy and maybe sounds socialist, but stay with me here

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What is a Corporation, by its very definition legally?

Why does a business, any business go public?

The reason is protect the people who run the business, 

so they are not liable in a personal way, if something goes

wrong. But even then, they are not completely protected if

something the Corporate leadership does that is so

wrong, so very insidious as to inflict a serious injurious 

crime upon consumers, or any innocent citizen, as they

should be one would hope if our legal system holds

the way it should.


You learned maybe in school about finance and the cost of capital,

whether it is borrowed directly from a bank or whether it is 

sold as stock, part of ownership in a public trading corporation.

The risk factors of entering into any enterprise. 

The risk of investing in any stock.


Then, think about corporate taxation. If few corporations

actually end up paying taxes that the Congress of the United

States legislates they should pay.


The problem today is that Corporations find ways not to pay

in many cases, not a dime of what the government rightfully 

imposes them to pay by legislative acts.


Would Corps go off shore, reinstate their corporate head quarters

in some other country, that imposes a much more habitable 

corporate tax, 

yes, they do. Quite a lot.


But if they are a public trading company, why not instead of 

taxing them straightforwardly, instead make it law 

that part of their shares become government owned.

The non-voting shares. The government has no say in how

they run their business, but the government receives

dividends as a shareholder.


Thereby if the corporation grows and needs to pay 

shareholders any dividend, it automatically pays the government.

There is then no two ways about it. 


It's public. And also it makes the corporation more honest.

The corporate finance officer no longer needs to dodge 

that stuff, no more bull. 


We say,  we whisper it, brand new start.


we say we say.


Why did I start a business in the first place, and should it ever 






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