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So there is division in the US

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We could illustrate division, the haves from the have not's. Haves don't need a contraction because they are written into the language that way. 

But other than that there truly is no real separation. Gentle reader of what I am now concocting, for your eyes only to impart , 

this division is first, mostly drama, and second, a hallucination, like one part small part of the people has dropped acid and miraculously...


her boobs were real, I watched them from the corner of my eye as I tried to look away


Someone said that to me, and I'm a guy, who has a big chest, and no, I don't wear a bra


and it only made me feel more agitated to express such thoughts


if only they would had thought even without saying,


his boobs were real, at least then, they would have been more factual.


Such wisdom, and bad manner, the banned wordship of calling the worker lazy,

so that you can pay them less, even though all you are doing is trying to keep all the departments in line and doing the corporate job and just lie

because a full fledged Director before you could not. And you are only now an executive manager, they pinned that job onto you.


You did more than the guy before you and the executive who sits above you is a man now, and he know nothing about how to run a business.


And i am just saying this because I know this does happen way too much.




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the biz, is way way too 

what do they say now, 

we got too many, what is the agricultural saying,


we need Silo's to store grain

did you know fermented grain

is big business


We need big business that employs lots 

of people



We need Silo's 

the bigger the better


Or, in today's corporate speak

maybe not


When sometimes important decision

depend on people from different departments

within the Corporation 


working together

Silo's might not be such a good




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