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The U.S. President

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The person with that top job. I mean, I just have always in my own mind tried to overly simplify that top job.

Just what does that given post mean to most Americans, and yes, we say Americans, when we mean the United States, which is

just only one country, it's laws really only written under one constitution that were written expressly for that one country, you know, 

America, the national anthem that lets all the people know they are citizens of the US.


So anyway, the post, of the president, means they are in charge of the executive branch of power, and this means they are in charge

of the justice system, in a sense, at least, they might be the one who would nominate a person to be in charge of the justice system,

or the otherwise named Attorney General who would have to be approved by the Senate to run the Justice Department in the US. 

That person finds under their jurisdiction all Federally mandated law and oversees the FBI. 

The Executive branch also controls what we call the Secretary of State. It is the top executive who names the person who runs the

state department that deals with a gigantic bunch of stuff regarding how the US deals with other nations, they call it state craft,

diplomacy for short, whereby the state department works with other nations, hopefully in the best interest of the US, but also hopefully

in a true and earnest way, with hopefully having wisdom or insight about making a better world as a whole, in a peaceful way, 

looking to not insight war, nor to harm any people, that's not what the US is about, we are not about using our power to simply

exploit people from other nations, that's not what we are about - it's our credo, I thought.


But then there's commerce, come on there has got to be commerce, and there has to be agriculture, I mean people got to eat, 

and we need to sell grain, we need to defend, we need to educate, and have Energy, and what about the secretary of the interior, 

you know, we got to protect federal lands off into the future, and then, there is urban development, veterans affairs,


who decides when we go to war, a bunch of people, and an executive from the executive branch, a top job, 

the big honcho would have that much power to oversee I guess.


This brings me to the secretary of defense, the top job to defend the US, or to defend our allies, a critical job that obviously 

requires a lot of congressional oversight, just like any part of the executive branch might.


So who you gonna vote for, and why? 


It means so much, possibly too much in our political system. It's like a corporate board, like our representative congress seems to for too long be, whereby

they just go along all the time to get along. 


Where is the representation of the people, the little men and women in government, George Washington might have asked. 

These young people, most of them so poor, you know it is so hard to stay warm, but they fight because they believe

it is imperative to make it clear that this land is theirs.


Who are we and what is the purpose of living a good life if we can be so lucky to do so?








I have the hiccups.


Midnight Cowboy








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