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What would Jesus Do?

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I think  a lot of Old Testamate stuff happened when the human race was young. Nobody knows why God didn't make humans live much longer or have whole litters of baby's, or people just way hard to kill, instead of saying 'be fruitfull and multiply,'  so the human race could survive and have a decent chance at survival. Then he said to kill people who were doing the wild thing with zero chance of making more people! That was in he infancy of the human race! Much MUCH  later,  Christ said 'That what you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me!'  To me, it's like God telling a very annoying child 'I know what I said then, listen to what I'm saying NOW!  Any Christian alive today should treat people of all sexual orientations like you'd treat Jesus if you met him face to face! 

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