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pine cones

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If I were a tree
of Pine, I would be 
unique, both male and female
both solid and yes, stern

And I would heed my pine cone
to protect my seed from insect, 

You know, insect can devour the
entirety of me

I am the pine cone accountant, 
I monitor their size, the amount 
that fall during winter, spring, summer,
or in Autumn, 

I monitor the amount of pine cone that
fall to the ground.

They are my pine cone, 
and this much is easy since
they are not bought and sold

they are worthless to business
singularly, they only promote
a safety mechanism that 
protects the pine tree

in the forest or nearby any
overly inhabited town

I guess I could be some young
Sixteen old girl in Sweden who skips school
each day to protest what is not happening
regarding the fact of human made climate

She is sixteen, and when she is my age,
the age that some pine cones finally drop, 
down to Earth, because yes, tress can hold 
onto pine cones for longer than fifty years,

She will live in a world that for the most 
part is no longer worth inhabiting

Because she is my pine cone

And yours as well,

it does not matter your gender, 
your status, your religion, 
or race

I don/'/t know
what do you want to do

but that pine tree
will do all that it 

And I/'/m just saying this
because the pine cones are all





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