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Where Any Systemic Change Seems Hollow

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Why does health care cost so much, and why aren't we doing enough about climate change?

Why is it that even with the job numbers going up, we still have a higher level of inequality?

Somethings will never change.

We live within a system where a person with a lot of wealth can walk away scot-free sometimes

from even the most acrimonious criminal activity, 

And some say, this systems got to change.


You have to withstand the prevailing wind politically 

And if even if you are brave, 

You have to understand how you will 

become exposed, since the book is deep

and they got a lot of money they can spend

to put the fear into the minds of the many.


The Green New Deal - introduced recently, even though they only got the house, and some say,

The Donald has a shot at four more.


Yeah, change is going to cost some money. 

Yeah, tax cuts for rich people don't really do enough

to create enough demand, instead they offer

stock buy backs to increase shareholder wealth.


But the robots are coming ...

I liked The Orville,  episode 8



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