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You Cannot handle the truth about Socialism

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The dirty little secret that you cannot handle is the truth about intellectual property.

It is in fact anti capitalistic. But you shouldn't ever wonder why.

Why the US for a long time now spends so much on military technology, in its first design, and then sells the stuff all over the globe.

Why is technology cheap in the US, and even cheaper in other countries around the world, because everything from large television screens to smart phones

 are made overseas. 

Why Facebook, a simple social idea built from the WWW, is nothing but an advertisement scheme, same as the news, the NY times, or WAPO, or The Wall Street Journal..

Just about any and everything you consume that you thought made the world a better place, is heavily subsidized by your government now.

Big corporations have monthly news letters that tout each quarter how many small companies they bought, General Motors continues to have hundreds of different models of cars,

until they go bankrupt from making so many models of cars and trucks, and then they pull back, for a few short months, and then, they are back at the same damn thing.


Everything is good, the US consumer has more to choose from, the US consumer has more today then it ever has, they say.





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