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Preaching to the Choir that sings

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So sure, we all profess that we want a better democracy where an informed citizenry resonates differing opinions regarding what is needed to transform the world for the better.

Sometimes a different choir might take what one choir takes as righteous or righteous indignation as only a snub to their understanding of what is right and what is wrong.


I am talking here about some very rich people who lament, very much so it might appear, the difficult times many in the working class deal with on a daily basis. And so, one would think I was speaking to a very inordinately large choir. But sadly, this is not the case. Not much, or so it would seem, not much, considering similarity in actual plight, regarding fairness and true prosperity.


We don't hear about their voices, they must be all nonsense if you ask them about the body politic up front. But if you dig down deep, you find the divide is not at all what it seems.

Yes, part of it comes from the preacher. Sometimes the preacher, in their effort to provoke change that is good, pushes upon the trigger points that somehow manifest the political divide.


We all self preach. We self heal, and learn to a point. Sometimes it can be difficult to go back and recognize what we thought was once correct, and why our opinion changed the way it did to one that was completely different, it can be difficult to go back and describe one might find, most especially after a lot of time has transpired.


Why did I think that way when I was a kid, or a young adult. When did my way of thinking change, and why. How should a preacher relate so as to be sure they clearly illustrate and illuminate why they think the way they do now?


What is the framework behind the way a government for the people should operate. What choir, whose choir. We all need an informed voice with which to speak.

But remember, and know, this is only a framework. An important one that should never divide us.



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