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This IS Kryptonite To Cons

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3 hours ago, laripu said:

Here's the draft proposalhttps://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/b/5/b54a564f-f750-48b4-99fe-3608d626a1bc/19EB91A5CF1C8211EF585179F7BB0E73.2019.02.22-climate-change-resolution.pdf


I think it is a bit of a weak response.  But it does have the benefit of being spelled out, and therefore can be criticized and improved.


AOC's calls for a 10 year national mobilization:  https://ocasio-cortez.house.gov/sites/ocasio-cortez.house.gov/files/Resolution on a Green New Deal.pdf

I think that as is it has no chance of being passed given how we're politically organized.


The main thing that distinguishes them is the speed and urgency at which they operate.


A reading of Feinstein's draft reveals it to be well researched and thought out.  It is very specific but that could prove a disadvantage as new understanding of meterology emerges, creating a need for flexibility in application.  One failure of Feinstein's draft is that it would allow 50 years for implementation.  The world doesn't have that long.  The crazy thing is that Feinstein seems aware of it, but is unwilling to act fast enough.  The other failure is that Feinstein is not calling for a national mobilization.  Given the speed at which climate change is overtaking us, nothing else will do.


On the other hand, AOCs resolution calls for a national mobilization similar to war footing.  And she links it to social democratic change;  Similar to the period of prosperity brought about by WWII, originating in the policies of FDR.   The AOC resolution calls for implementation of all measures within 10 years ...  Not unreasonable.  But absolutely necessary in order to avoid the more extreme manifestations of climate change.


The disruption and chaos which would occur within a 50 year time frame would cost incalculably more, in money, property and life, than rapid deceleration of climate change over a 10 year period.


Since the 1930s the US has been a major trendsetter for the world.  We could be again if the United States embraces Ocasio-Cortez' plan.



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