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How To Hurt Sinclair Broadcasting Propaganda Group

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Sinclair is an alt-right a pro Trump anti-American broadcast corporation whose agenda is to disseminate Russian propaganda through local television stations. 

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I contacted advertisers who are sponsors on a local Sinclair owned affiliate. I explained to them the advantages of advertising on social media and how advertising on that station was not cost effective. I sent them information on how advertising on social media is better because of the advantages of Youtube's geo targeting. As a result 3 furniture stores and 4 car dealerships decreased their TV advertising budgets.   


Sinclair is the propaganda wing of the GOP.  The FCC has been derelict in its duty when it comes to dishonest broadcasters so we need to persuade advertisers to make smarter choices. Big advertisers rely on ad agencies and ad agencies are essentially a value added reseller of print and broadcast media which means they get a what is basically a commission from print and broadcast media.  Not all ad agencies will do what is best for their clients.  


Convince local businesses not to advertise on Sinclair owned stations by letting them know their money would be better spent on social media, signs, local radio, email, direct mail and local print.  Send them an email with the facts. Starve the propagandist rats.


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