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Trumpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

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Trumpty Dumpty asked Paul for a Wall.



And there we are. The absolute absurdity of asking Democrats to pay for this wall of ignorance needs voice. GOP speaker Paul Ryan didn't do it. This is a ploy to keep the Wall as the 2020 simplistic rallying cry for the mob. Trumpty Dumpty had his chance and Ryan let it fall.


Now if Supervolcano Yellowstone rears its ugly head, all must move South to avoid extinction. Imagine if Trumpty's Wall of Ignorance holds back the Americans fleeing for their lives.

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they will take your fresh clean water and use it to push up natural gas, or instead of digging deep down inch by inch for coal, they'll just cut off mountain tops, and leave the poisonous valleys that sit in pools.


nice pools where kids can swim, is that it?


yes, where they can swim. They can swim there in them valleys. 

a slow, super Volcano, that ever so slowly erupts




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