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El Paso Fire Department destroys Trump’s dumb lie about his crowd size

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28 minutes ago, impartialobserver said:

Why this matters is of interest to me. 6500 or 5500 or whatever number one wants to use. Rallies do not produce tangible results. 


Yeah, yeah, yeah, Mr *impartial*.

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7 minutes ago, splunch said:

What is on display here is that Trump thinks it matters.  Desperately.


Need I point out that this thread was started by a leftist?


He must have felt it mattered.


And it turns out that Trump was more right than wrong.


There were tens of thousands at his rally ... and maybe 3000 at O'Rourke's.


And that says something, whether you like it or not.

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1 hour ago, BeAChooser said:


That's been pointed out to benson a dozen times.   He just keeps posting that.   Because that's what benson does.  



Truth defends hypothetical standards defined several incomplete ways as each of the many ways isn't a lie but combined is everyone denying how life actually exists in plain sight.


both rallies went on at the same time separate people attented each as they happened in the same relative time both ideas are playing two ends against the center balance separating lifetimes as the population of this species refusing to accept now is eternity.

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1 hour ago, BeAChooser said:

Actually, after further research, I would now question the estimate that Trump's crowd in the coliseum was only 6500.  


The reason is that the coliseum is advertised as a 6500 seat, 5500 standing room, arena.  


And look at the pictures ...










The seats are filled ... PLUS there are almost as many people standing in front of the seats on the arena floor.  


Here's even more pictures from inside the coliseum to prove it ...






So I'd say there were probably at least 10,000 people INSIDE the arena.  


If the fire department said there were only 6500 in the arena, then they LIED.  


Just as the police LIED when they claimed there were 10000-15000 at O'Rourke's rally.   


The photos just don't show that, either.


SO TOTAL OP FAIL, fishhead.


Still want to talk about crowd size?



Great cross-section of Americans! Everybody likes trump.

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