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Is There "Good In Everyone"?

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Time to get real boys and girls and step out of the echo chamber and face ugliness and depravity head on. There is one person on this list who deserves our love and understanding. I hope you all know who that person is.  


I think it is time the those of us on the so called left get a bit more pragmatic and accept some absolutes and wake up to the fact that some people are simply no damn good.  I have been accused of being intolerant for wanting to shutdown Nazis. By the very fact that someone is a Nazi, talks the Nazi talk and wears the Nazi garb, that person's intentions should be as abundantly clear to everyone as someone pointing a gun to your head.  If they espouse far right BS their intent is to rid humanity of all non Whites. Is it moral for us to tolerate that?  Is it moral for people to own pit bulls, wolves or wolf hybrids? 


If some White Supremacist Nazi is out of the street raving and inciting other Nazis and some guy from the JDL puts the boots to him and if I were a cop, I would have a tough time arresting that guy. I'd probably shut off my body cam and say, "I have to do my job brother but I wish you the best. Next time don't get caught."



Trump's hero Adolf Hitler?


BTK Killer Dennis Rader?



Mass Murderer Josef Stalin?



Kim Jun Un: Writes Trump beautiful letters. Any good in this bass turd?



Jeffery Dahmer?



This douche bag?



This lying pig?



This Lying Pig?




These Trump loving scumbags?



This flawed man with whom we disagreed?


Can you find any good in any of these people other than John McCain? Try.

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22 hours ago, TheOldBarn said:

Joseph Stalin was a tall guy


Image result for picture of stalin next to a pony

Trump doesn't sweat much for a fat guy.

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