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Social Prescribing

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It's a new field in the field of medicine. Social prescribing. 



The benefits economically are not yet parsed out. It's a new field being utilized more and more in the UK. Of course the clinician would require more time to listen to the patient and thinking about one's environment, and just what might assist an individual to possibly promote a wellness within. 


You venture out to find out more in economic terms and you find others, let's say 



It becomes a mind alteration that could possibly shape someone's health in a positive way. Getting involved say in Yoga, or some activity like art that you never before tried, or never before knew about.

There could just be some interconnectivity beyond just reading things on the internet or watching television. Something real in physically meeting with people, participating in some possibly fun way, 

exploring places nearby you never knew existed, and meeting different people from different cultures and different walks of life, who you might find are similar to you.


It could be like going back to ones youth for an older person, or for a younger person dealing with mental health difficulties, it might just help them find ways to cope.


I thought it was the kind of thinking out of the box that just might be undervalued when I first read about it. But we should try to utilize any new tool, which at first glance, seems so obvious, with its real old world orthodoxy. The rich would travel by Sea, to promote health.  They would travel to exotic places, eat different foods. Sure, there are no statistics that show that it ever worked well.


But still, I find the idea interesting, and worthwhile to try.









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