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Hey Bob, sit down and write a poem

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I would see the Fedex Truck rolling its four wheels down the street,

filled with packages from Amazon and think, 

a lot about all the inequality, the global economy

must have gotten me down, its reshaped,

its reconfigured, its tossed and churned my

endive, Kale, spinach salad, and did I mention,

I am a vegetarian.


Fancy foot, free, the man, he says

get a job, pay your rent, you lazy piece

of trash, listening to rock and roll,

with your long girly like hair, 

smoking the weed, and getting 



Just cause you graduated with a mathematics 

degree and work for Wallstreet


You bastard, its only money.


Come with me now. 


Let us seek a better place.


I'm stuck. 






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Long Arms of Love at the Nigerian Mission


I saw you preach about Jesus, every day at the Mission.

I saw you reach out to spread the Word of God and Jesus.

And your arms were SO long, when you reached out and spoke about His love.

But I didn't realize just how far you could reach under my covers and molest me when you "tucked me in" each night.

Everyone's asleep now, except me, with your hand over my mouth, and the 9 year-old girl in the next bed who is too terrified to scream. 


Why do I quake now at the sight of your arms?

Why won't the Church Elders stop this madness?

Why do all the men lie to keep this horror happening?


Your arms are long, and they are TERROR. 


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