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Why you’re wrong about communism: Here are 7 huge misconceptions about it — and capitalism Why you’re wrong about communism: Here are 7 huge misconceptions about it —

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This is why I'm a "leftist".  Because I strongly advocate that we live up to the ideas and laws that defined our purpose and limited the ability of private companies to buy their way into power that literally supersedes the Bill of Rights.  The laws that we followed through the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's, which were finally ultimately obliterated in the late 1990's.


Yeah, I'm a wild man alright.


Private industry is about profit.  The profit motive is really good for development, for streamlining.  But when things get too big, they don't have to streamline or develop something great to increase profits.  They can manipulate markets.  They can strong-arm labor into working for peanuts because they're the only game in town.  They can obfuscate their scams with a compliant, captured regulatory system. And they can count on the politicians they own to gloss over it all and drum up something more interesting than the wholesale theft of America's wealth, like illegal immigrants.

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