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The difference with Watergate

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With Watergate, there was always a view in common on both sides that if Nixon HAD done the things he was suspected of, he'd have to go. The only debate was that he denied doing them, versus those who correctly suspected he had.


But in trump's case, his supporters don't give a crap if he did everything he's suspected of. No matter how much corrupt money he took, how many lies he's told, how much he's obstructed justice, how much he's an agent of Putin, how much Russia got him elected, they don't care.

So in Watergate, when the tapes came out and showed Nixon had done it, it was over. With trump, no matter how much is shown, including all he's doing in plain sight, his supporters don't care.

That's a huge difference, where a third of the country is like a brainwashed cult who supports someone no matter how bad they are, no matter how anti-American, no matter how corrupt.


Besides trump and his supporters, a third group with an important role are the other Republican donors and politicians, who are neither in favor of trump's actions nor in the cult, but who simply will allow anything in exchange for the power trump gives them. They can be in office to pass tax cuts for the rich and take over the judiciary and they corruptly allow him to anything in exchange for that.

This is historic corruption (by leaders) and idiocy (by supporters). Utterly shameful and dangerous and anti-American, attacking our system of democracy. Luckily - they are going to lose. Soon.

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this is why most people should be very concerned. It is not a football game. Just because you have an idiot four hundred pound fool blocking, while you have a whole team cheating every which way, to win the game played, for power, and control.

Mitch McConnell and the Congress is the biggest problem way way before Trump. We are losing years and sleep over change that should have happened decades before, and yes, people here and around the world are suffering because of this.








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19 hours ago, Craig234 said:


This is historic corruption (by leaders) and idiocy (by supporters).


America isn't perfect, but it had many meritocratic elements. It's not perfect because idiot sons can inherit and make their way in the world, while clever hard working poor people may not be able to afford an education.


But often, merit prevails.

What about when there's no merit? Or even, as you say, idiocy? And laziness too?


What's the best thing that can be done by lazy idiots who can't make their way in the world?


The traditional answer is:

1. Blame a scapegoat, and get leaders that push that belief in exchange for power.

2. Lie about what the scapegoat has done, and use those beliefs to steal from the scapegoated people, one way or another.


Then stupid poor folks scramble for stolen change, while corrupt leaders live in luxury.


Traditional scapegoats were Jews in Europe, Blacks in the United States. New ones are Hispanic immigrants, Muslims, and "globalists" (code for Jews, always a favorite).


It's no surprise that Trump gets most of his support from people who feel a sense of persecution because they can't make their way in the world. The reason they can't is that they're dumb f**ks. Trump gets the idiot vote, about 35%, plus some more. Of course they rail against "Washington elites" and the "Deep State". The idiots hate the smart people.


The key to defeating Trump is to convince non-idiots that they can't get anything from him. And to ensure that the election isn't fixed.



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