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It's not thrilling to see the inflated and continually rising cost of a college education. To remember that a majority of our citizens work their way through college, if they are to be so bold, and are then laden with debt, and with no guarantee of a decent job in their field. 

Many people work one or two jobs while going to college. I know I did, but I was lucky. While it took me seven years to get even a four year college degree, at least I was not straddled with debt afterwards. Too many people today cannot say as much. 

Education is great. The basic premise is that if you get a complete education you are more likely to adapt to the work force, overtime reach a higher wage due to a wider range of skills, and more than likely, you also almost by default become more informed about how our system of government works, or in many ways just does not, regarding the creation of an economy designed to make everyone's life better. Example, spending more money now to go green saves big time money dealing with mitigation of rising seas, loss of fresh water, wars due to massive immigration, and loss of resource due to inefficient use of vital resource, etc...


Jefferson promoted instituting a public education forwarding the idea of liberty, and equality. It is much much harder to go through life with no real education than it is with a solid K - 12 along with at least a 2 year associates, or possibly some skill trade, or electronics, healthcare training, etc...


We are basically talking about creating a higher value for more and more people in order to create a better and more equal economy. It's the egalitarian view that honest educated people understand the more educated they become. The more productivity, the more equality, the less crime, the more education becomes valued - what is it, Maslow's hierarchy of needs... food, then shelter, etc.


I'm not kidding. The older I get the more obvious this seems to be true.


And this is especially important regarding government policies when trade laws are being instituted by the corporate state behind closed doors, where monopolies thrive with no anti trust policy to 

intervene, where we continue to drive the hammer down hard on the poor while at the same time continually produce policy that reduces the middle class.







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