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What the New House of Representatives Should do

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Here is an excellent article regarding the power of over site in the House. Over site is not just something you use to keep a crazy president such as Trump, as well as a crazy political party such as the Republican Party in check - over site should be used to investigate what your constituents, everyone living in the US, truly need to improve their lives. Investigate why we need to spend money for infrastructure by bringing in a host of topic experts, do the same with climate change science and ways to reduce carbon in a way that reduces inequality, investigate the best way to guarantee that all people have health care - single payer, with professional economists who have studied this issue for years, investigate fair voting laws, changing the day to vote to Saturday, how to remove much of the big corp money, so that representatives of the people don't have to spend half of their time raising funds to get reelected, and use over site to enlighten all the people which will help spur stronger grass roots movements, and do it now. The more you use the power of over site in an efficient way, the more time you spend finding out how to create better polices, the more likely we all are to eventually elect politicians who will some day get the job done.



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