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If the border was such a national security issue why didn't the republicans fund it in their two budgets over two years.

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2 minutes ago, harryramar said:

Are you serious?

has it occurred to you that a vote will show the constituency how their senators voted????

are you that ill read?

good grief you don’t think the voters matter much do you?


The Senate would be wasting their time debating a bill that is DOA. Besides, why should he, when Schroomer shut down the government instead of allowing a vote on the previous House bill??


Are you that ill in the head? Why yes, you are.


And you failed to substantiate your claim that my "diatribe" was "bullshit." Back up your mouth or retract your slander, punk.

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3 minutes ago, harryramar said:

Trump wants a wall the American people do not.


Wrong. I'm an American, I want the wall. Millions of us do.


3 minutes ago, harryramar said:

the dems represent the will of the people and trump does not.


Wrong. Trump is President, he represents us ALL.


3 minutes ago, harryramar said:

trump is obstructing the Will of his employers and punishing people for spite


HAHAHAHAHA, his employers. Schroomer is obstructing the will of the people.



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4 minutes ago, harryramar said:

You are a gasbag and a sanctimonious hypocrite 

im not going back and forth with a scoundrel so have the last word.

bye bye


HAHA! Can't say what was "bullshit" in my post you called a "diatribe" so run away, LOSER!








YOU are the gasbag, sticking your ass into a reasonable discussion I was having with Splunch and pissing all over the place. Get lost, punk.

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Oh SpyCar …





In 2018, the remains of 127 dead migrants were recovered in southern Arizona, the Pima County Medical Examiner's Office said.


The office conducts autopsies on the remains of migrants found in Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties, where the majority of migrants die.


The 127 remains recovered in 2018 were slightly below the 128 remains recovered the previous year, Medical Examiner's Office data show.

… snip …

Before 2000, the remains of fewer than five migrants were found each year, the Arizona OpenGIS Initiative for Deceased Migrants shows. 

In 2000, just one was found. In 2001, the number soared to 79 and then to 151 the year after that. The number of annual migrant deaths since then has remained well above 100, according to Humane Borders, a Tucson-based group that compiles data and logs it on the OpenGIS website. 

From 2001 through 2018, the remains of at least 3,011 dead migrants have been recovered in southern Arizona, according to the Humane Borders website.


And that’s just the number who died in Arizona close to the border.

A properly designed wall/fence system (especially one with landmines) would have prevented those deaths, SpyCar.


Why don't you want to prevent that?


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