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Anderson Cooper Part Of Elite Pedophile Ring’

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White House Insider: ‘Anderson Cooper Part Of Elite Pedophile Ring’


A White House insider has blown the whistle on CNN host Anderson Cooper, claiming he is part of an elite pedophile ring.

The infamous whistleblower, Q Anon, says Cooper is part of a “sick cult/club” whose members include politicians and prominent TV personalities.

This bombshell revelation comes just days after Cooper called President Trump a “pathetic loser” on Twitter.

Cooper, a prominent member of the powerful Vanderbilt family, later deleted the tweet claiming that his account had been “hacked” whilst left unattended at the gym.

Squawker.org reports: The mysterious 4chan user known only as Q has returned with seemingly new revelations about CNN’s most recognizable public face.

The posts in question feature an image of Anderson reading over some documents. Q seeming to imply that these papers are in some way related to the often rumored elite pedophilia ring that operates in both D.C. and Hollywood. Here are the posts in question, along with the image itself for your own examination.



As the documents in question are obviously hard to make out, here is a blown up version of what appears on the table. If you have any thoughts as to what these may be, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


While it remains to be seen if anyone will actually be able to link these documents to anything incriminating. At the very least, all the attention on Anderson these past few days has in dragged some older forgotten pictures back into the spotlight. Including this 1972 picture of Anderson, his mother, and late brother Carter. A brother who would go on to tragically take his own life at only 23 years of age, by jumping out the window of his family’s penthouse. Take note of the strange almost occult like wall decoration above the family bed.


Many have speculated for years now that Anderson and his brother likely both faced some type of sexual abuse in their celebrity home growing up. Abuse that seemingly drove one brother to suicide, and possibly led to the other following in the footsteps of those same abusers. Regardless of the truth in that statement, clearly his instability is growing one way or another. As evidenced by his now infamous rogue tweet to the President.


From YourNewsWire   https://thepedogate.com/other/white-house-insider-anderson-cooper-part-of-elite-pedophile-ring/

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Now of days...I don't believe anything I hear from the media.; no matter what side of the border wall they are on.


Just think tho if this was about Trump...it be around the world in a minute all over differant networks and ultraliberals would keep repeating it; even if they knew it was not true.

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5 minutes ago, Toldya said:

Did you know that you are the most prolific transsexual pedophile extremist terrorist who ever lived and in a few weeks the FBI is going to take you to Guantanamo Bay?

I can say it, therefore it's true.

barack obama sucked dicks in the oval office


ole anderson cooper swallows cum  lol  


fuk you faggots

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2 minutes ago, JTZilla said:

barack obama sucked dicks in the oval office


ole anderson cooper swallows cum  lol  


fuk you faggots


You're in Houston?

Further proof you are exactly who I said you are.


Why don't you just turn yourself in now?

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1 minute ago, Toldya said:


This language matches the language the suspect was known to have used online.

You can't hide, JT... they're making their move as we speak.

im exposing every nasty thing the democrat party has ever done

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