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Burning heaters reduction bill

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On 12/30/2018 at 2:46 AM, desertloner said:

I return with a very good sounding bill that might help lowering our carbon footprint. 




Considering the large numbers of people who burn wood for heating, a bill like this, which improves stove efficiency substantially is good for the planet.  Unfortunately,

we may have to wait for Democratic control of government before  legislation like this can be passed into law.

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9 hours ago, desertloner said:

A man can dream can't he?


For the last two years, that's all we could do.  But "the times, they" might be "a changin'."

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The New Horizons space craft is somewhere in the Kuiper Belt as we speak. And we have a new crop of talented legislatures, the youngest and most diversified we've ever had. We can dream, and we may soon be able to do more than only dream, but also do. 

More people are concerned with climate change and it has been said that many who run for the office of president will make dealing with climate change the number one objective. 

I think doing so will be a boon for the economy in many ways. Just going forth with an agenda that fights back against the big players in the fossil fuel industry brings a tremendous

amount of dignity and liberty towards all people. Inequality should also be the first thing to consider when we tax carbon usage, or the over use of finite materials which all people should 

highly value. I think this could be a highly creative platform where we find ways to reduce food waste, ways to make homes carbon neutral, ways to make our infrastructure more conducive

to the pedestrian who can then go outside and inhabit the natural world. Farm the roofs, save the seeds, diversify the crops, and venture out deep into space. 


you know, stuff like that.





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