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libertarian Socialism

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so the meaning Libertarian has been distorted hugely in the US. Liberty was meant to mean equality along with freedom. The cog in the machine, or the machine itself that we live within is a far cry from what Liberty or what a true Libertarian would espouse. Somehow we are taught that freedom and equality are two different forces working against each other. If you allow for true freedoms than most certainly you must then accept inequality, wherein the smart individual working freely captures more wealth than the other folks who are not as talented. 

Simply put, this is why most people are employees, and why some employees make much less than other employees. This concerned people like Adam Smith as well as Karl Marx in profound ways. 


What we value in society and how we value it could also be considered a choice. We have inequality not out of necessity but by government made laws that overly protect things like patent rights, shipping manufacturing jobs overseas while at the same time limiting the number of doctors into the country. We do this instead of expanding the value of different trades and other

important things needed in a flourishing society - such as teacher pay, care worker jobs, environmental jobs, etc...


Socialism is used to protect folks in a society. It doesn't take away from fair market competition and could likely help to enhance it. Building a better infrastructure lifts all boats, tax cuts for the rich never have.





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unfair criminal laws for small things burden the poor the most. I only use this petty crime as a example because it comes to mind.This morning some guy from Australia was arrested for painting graffiti on BART. They say he was part of a large world-wide graffiti syndicate. He faces up to 4 years in the slammer for his actions. I don't like graffiti, but is 4 years a little bit much, and think of the cost of keeping him locked up? How about making the guy clean graffiti for a month, wouldn't that make more sense?  


What about unfair lending practices that affect the poor - at what limit should usury laws come into play...


There are so many things we could do to dismantle inequality, things that would make life better for the many while at the same time allowing creative people to be even more creative I believe. 

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