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teacher sucks

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Imagine my disappointment. Here I was wanting desperately to know what it was that Teacher sucked, how hard he sucked it, and what manner of thing was extruded as a result of that sucking.


But was my curiosity to be satisfied? Sadly, no. As I trained my eyeballs on that fateful post, all I saw was a "sad face" emoticon, over the legend "Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it".


I thought "how could this happen?" I asked "how can this be?"

You've turn my quest for knowledge into abject misery.

And the suckers, every minute born, inhabiting this forum,

have no idea what bait-and-switch is waiting on here for 'em.

Let the Liberals all testify, the NHB nuts too:

We need to know what Teacher sucked,

and what he sucked it through. 

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