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Big business is for diversity

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They're not marching, and usually not advertising (except for this excellent ad).


This wonderful video below is a copy of the real one that was paid for and used for mandatory training where I work. This one is a demo, not for training, because companies must pay in order to use the proper one for training. And they do pay.


They pay because they need talent and as the world gets more complicated, talent that is capable of meeting the growing challenges is getting rarer. They need to recruit from literally everybody, and they need everyone to do more than tolerate each other. Everyone has to work well together and not create more stress than the jobs itself creates. And for that they need everyone to work with and appreciate diversity in the workplace.


(Note that racists are probably not working for the kinds of companies that would make such a video mandatory. It would likely make them uncomfortable.)


This is under 12 minutes and worth watching:




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thanks for sharing this corporate nonsense. I sound like a communist when I say it. You know that problem that strongmen have with diversity, and with religion and skin color or genetics,

And well, the me too movement, how long is that going to carry on, I guess if you allow too much of that an innocent guy who is accused or rape has zero chance in this world, considering

how often men are incarcerated, especially rich white men, just because a certain someone was having a bad time with hormones.


I guess this add should also state that women do get pregnant and they deserve enough time off after the baby is delivered and so too is the husband, 

and while you're at it, the cost of college is too high, and it's important for the corporation to realize that there are too many black men in this nation behind bars, 

and that it makes no sense. They leave out that a better infrastructure is needed since lead in the water system is affecting more than the just the few who live in Flint Michigan.

And we require a full fledged diversity in government where all the legislation is written so that our laws support all the people toward better public schools, better healthcare for all,

so that we actually see a decrease in the people who live on the streets someday 



You got to make people feel good when they go to work for the corporation, yes, we get that.


We all want to live in a nice Brownstone style community, and wide streets, and large driveways, with the Starbucks and the Whole Foods within walking distance, and a nice park and rich University nearby, as well as a superb community police that everybody trust. At least in our dreams, we do. And I'm sure they kind of do have that in certain neighborhoods in Saudi Arabia, wait, what, did Ivanka, and Jared, with the special help of MBS have something to do with the writing of this advertisement?





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My state lacks diversity higher education and corporations, so I give it two thumbs up


  Looking forward to the prequel : School place diversity 

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