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Keeping up with the Saudi's

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Human rights don't mean much in Saudi Arabia. The worst human rights abuses have come from this Kingdom for as long as time it seems. The dismemberment has gone on and on, and ISIS and Al-Qaeda copy such things they learned from the Royal family it seems. US company's have helped them drill the vast fields of oil over the years. We've also purchased quite a lot ourselves. And sure, the US has sold them arms... In fact, we are their number one # with a bullet arms supplier for sure with no questions asked.


I guess you have to side with someone in the region some might say. And I guess you do have to understand that the worlds economy is predicated on big oil, the precious Black Jewel that gives big to all things industrial, and allows for greater wealth on a huuuuge scale.  


Iran, we had them in our sights once. But they went democratic and wanted to have the state own their own natural resources, so we provoked a little political coup and installed the Shah who tortured many of the their people. The Iranian people didn't like that too much so they rose up. So now they are our sworn enemy it seems.


But the Saudi's have lots of money. They invest in IT, and other US technology companies. 


And so this newest prince, who likes to be called MBS, just so happens to be a ruthless authoritarian psycho nut. The Saudi's have imprisoned and tortured their own and they have also funded terrorist organizations, for quite some time, and it's been said they have links to the worst of the worst in Pakistan. And we have had troops in the dirt poor impoverished country next door, that is Afghanistan, and have had them there for 15 years and counting. 

If Iran developed nuclear weapons it has been said the Saudi's would have them the very next day through the Pakistan pipeline, likely the same one that helped NK get theirs. It's a likely scenario some say - to be clear. Did I mention, Pakistan, an unstable government has nuclear arms - isn't that the real reason for us now being in Afghanistan - likely.


And then there's Trump.


I wrote this to kind of mimic the reality TV hit show, Keeping up with the Kardashian's. 


I think Climate change is the Pandora's box of all time, right there next to how to deal with nuclear weapons, and then, as one would expect, terrorism, or murder of innocent people for no good reason

at all. 


So this is why we need cooperation with our allies to fight this evil scourge. Am I answering my own questions here, are there any reasonable answers, or possibilities?


Do enough people in a world now over 7 billion people care?














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