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Just got a Veggie Bullet

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I got it at TJMaxx.  Great price of $60.  It was selling for $100 online.  I ordered the extra blades for $30.  Fries, wedges, ribbons, different size noodles, thick and thin slices, etc.  It even shreds cheese.


It works great.  10 seconds and a big bowl of zoodles.  Another 10 seconds and I sliced all the veggies for a giant pot of soup.


I was really worried about having to haul it out every time, but according to websites you can prep all your veggies about 4 days ahead, and they will still be good.  Sweet potatoes and beets last longer.


In the store the veggie noodles were priced at about $5.  I did the same amount for about $1.


I even prepped up about a weeks worth of veggies for my daughter, and she is coming over to pick it up.


Super happy.  I wish I had purchased one sooner.


I'm going to try out the zoodles with asparagus and parmesan fonduta sauce.





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