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Republicans Caught In Voter Fraud In Virginia

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Scott Taylor with Trump

What would you expect from this team?



The alleged signature forgeries continue to pile up in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, where paid campaign staffers for Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) have now been credibly accused of forging at least four dead voters’ signatures, and dozens of others’, on petitions to get an independent candidate on the ballot.

The signature forgery scheme was an apparent effort to split the Democratic vote in half by getting the the Democratic Party’s 2016 nominee for the district, Shaun Brown, on the ballot as an independent candidate beside the party’s 2018 nominee, former Navy commander Elaine Luria.



TPM reported Wednesday that the Democratic Party of Virginia, which has sued state election officials to remove Brown’s name from the ballot, had collected 41 affidavits from voters who alleged fraudulent signatures, including from the relatives of two dead people.

The Virginian-Pilot, publishing the results of a two-week investigation on Saturday, found four dead voters whose names appeared on petitions collected, and 59 total fraudulent signatures.

The paper called voters whose purported signatures had been collected by Taylor staffers, asking if the signatures were valid. The staffers together collected nearly 600 signatures. Of the 115 voters the paper reached, 59 said their — or their relatives’ — signatures were fraudulent.

The desperation of the republicans leading up to the midterms is driving them to follow their leader down the criminal path.


Sunday, Aug 26, 2018 · 3:42:26 PM EDT · Idontknowwhy


Lot’s more detail from the Virginia Pilot including the fact that this “would make them guilty of a felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $2,500 fine”.  


Sunday, Aug 26, 2018 · 5:32:22 PM EDT · Idontknowwhy


There are a few comments that this was election fraud Vs voter fraud.

Semantics I guess.   To me fraudulently signing a petition as a “voter” to sway the election is fraudulently representing a voter just as much, if not more since it could have a massive multiplier effect if successful, as is doing it at the voting box.



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Dodge City Polling Location Moved

October 26, 2018


"Debbie Cox, the county clerk who decided to move the one and only polling location in predominantly Latino Dodge City, Kansas, outside of the city limits, says she did so because of safety concerns. Due to construction, there would be 450 parking spaces rather than 519 at the city’s longtime polling place. That is an entire 69 fewer parking spaces, and while there was extra parking at a nearby church, Cox didn’t want people to have to walk that far. So she moved voting out of the city entirely, to a place where, the Wichita Eagle reports, “there is no bus route, or sidewalk, to the location. To get there on foot from town, you must cross a state highway.”



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The GOP Nazi party KNOWS they cant win elections. They gave UP on trying to convince America and WIN the votes. Now its about voter supression fraud and they hope future gerrymandering which kept them in power while they LOST the votes for YEARS now

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