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Are we better off now?


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Sometimes it seems as though it depends, on which news stories you choose.

There are less wars, yet the wars that we have are much more hideous, with,

the long strung out Syrian civil war, the bombing of innocent people in Yemen, 

combined with the grip of environmental disasters that affect the ME,

and any island in the Atlantic, such as Puerto Rico.


Where are the topic experts in Trumps administration, 

and where were they before when Obama was president?


How do we take care of our own, and still, lead the world?


We can't save Mexico, or Venezuela, but we can, and we most

definitely should do our utmost to help any way that we can.


For this you need environmental policy experts, 

For this you need clear information about the constraints

that people face all over the world.


Surely we do need a sound and humane policy towards

immigration in the U.S. 


You need a sound and clear strategy regarding a way 

forward regarding healthcare that is, free at the

point of delivery, where everyone is covered,

And it has to be affordable, meaning not paying

twice as much as all the other countries who 

provide much more to all their citizens!


We should be the leaders, us, this country

that is supposed to stand for freedom and

some long thought out democracy, 


which is by its very nature now,

and forever stooped in diversity.


Take the big money out of politics.

Retrieve the best minds to work at the NIH, 

or to focus on building a Twenty First Century

electronic grid.


We should focus on mitigating what we already

know about the changing climate, here

and all around the globe.



We need to work with other countries and 

help them do the same.



Are we better off now?


I  only know we should be.

But that means a heck of a lot more than the same 

old, same old nonsensical division

that's been offered up by our current day

congressional non-leaders who spend

a large part of their time raising funds

from who the hell knows where...


Make a better IRS, make a better environmental policy, 

make a real healthcare policy people can depend upon, 

make better schools, motivate people who think

they got zero chance to succeed...


yes, yeah... nothing I just stated should be 

hard to comprehend.









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A public service message for congressional leaders we might choose to elect:

you have to have your paddles on each side of the boat working together,

in a precise way, and with great effort, to move forward.


You have to trust the paddlers on each side, as you knuckle

down and move forward, creating a new positive wind which

is easy enough to feel by any progress in the boat that has 

been made.


Stroke , stroke , keep those paddles synchronized, and keep

your wits about you, push with your arms from your shoulders,

And use your legs, and listen with your ears

Keeping your eyes wide open toward the prize!!!


Row row row, take that boats bottom, and make it 

glide across the water like there's no tomorrow.


That is the joy, and that is the reason why for everything

and anything...


If you believe



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