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Former FBI director Comey and Former FBI, D0J (DEPT OF jUSTICE) Mueller involved in criminal conduct, coverup of criminal conduct by the Clintons, Obama other Democrat legislators.

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Both Comey and Mueller are both candidates for prison if a special investigator is appointed by Trump to investigate their criminal conduct and criminal negligence while in those positions during the Obama and Clinton (Bill and Hillary) time when serious criminal acts were perpetrated by them and many of their staff and political supporters.   That investigation if done would reveal a far greater scope and degree of criminal conduct by the democrats than anything democrats, Comey, Mueller and the liberals left news media did and continue to due and  make up about Trump and his supporters, especially since the wacko crooks in the democrat and liberal ranks can only make up things before Trump became a politician, if that is what one wants to call him now.

Both Mueller and Comey, and the democrats controlled the white house and oversight, criminal investigative agencies like the FBI etc., , not only when they were committing criminal acts to include treason and giving out national classified and secret information, they were in positions to investigate and prosecute criminal conduct of gov't employees in gov't agencies like the US EPA, one of the most completely corrupt and dysfunctional agencys in the Federal system. 

EPA, was and is engaged In criminal conduct that has resulted in the deaths and serious illnesses of thousands of citizens and the waste and fraud of billions of dollars over decades and the democrats, and some republicans, as well as Mueller and Comey were well aware of it and not only did nothing but helped cover it up and even assisted in the criminal acts of retaliation and criminal retribution against honest federal employees attempting to expose these criminal acts by EPA, epa staff and Washington DC EPA staff, management and agency heads, including Carol Browner EPA administrator appointed by Billy Bob Clinton when he was the crooked president in the White House and criminal employees of the EPA in it's regional offices like region 8 in Denver.

Comey and Mueller intentionally ignored the radiation illnesses caused by EPA in Denver due to their gross incompetency and criminal negligence by placing radio active waste in a Denver neighborhood then lying about it. Then using millions of dollars to cover up they criminal act.

EPA intentionally places for political reasons and to ensure they have corrupt employees who will play the corrupt game EPA plays and won't raise issues of incompetency and corruption in the agency, other corrupt and incompetent people with no real qualifications for a positons that has the responsibility to protect the environment and the lives/health of citizens knowing they can't do the job, likely will cause great harm to the environment and US citizens, not to mention commit waste and fraud involving billions of dollars.  The Animas River Gold mine toxic waste spill of tens of thousands of gallons of toxic waste in that River in Colorado that spread into two other states is just another example.  The river will be a threat to health and the environment for many decades and you the tax payers are still paying millions out in law suits brought about by other states effected by that spill.  EPA says they will not take any actions against the EPA employee causing that disaster, and of course not, that might get the employee to spill the beans about the whole agency, management, Human Resources, the corrupt and incompetent IG (inspector general personnel) crooked and incompetent gov't employees in the form of lawyers etc.,  But, EPA with no due process forced honest and capable EPA employees (sometimes a dozen at a time) out of their jobs simply by taking their access badges away from them, telling the crooked Federal Protective Service employees not to let them back in the building, and that is how easy it is for Federal corrupt agency heads to  get rid of employees while going on TV and Telling congress they need more power to fire bad employees. they don't get rid of bad employees , only honest capable employees exposing waste, fraud and corruption.   Congress knew of this and did nothing about it, and still does nothing. 

Comey, Mueller, the Clintons, Obama, plenty of Democrats and some republicans should be serving prison time, long times, and even prosecuted, found guilty of treason/domestic terrorism and executed, it is that bad.  The Gov't started to really go to hell when the Democrats started to get their way and especially when the Clintons and Obama types gained influence and control.

You liberals are really brain dead, not to mention sick, crooked, incompetent, entitled to loser victims and out right cowards.   Nearly every one in gov't described above calls identifies themselves with the socialist/communist democratic party and agenda, all call themselves liberals, are Clinton/Obama loves, admit to being socialist/communist, even while walking around the halls in federal agencies and all prove themselves extreme cowards with in time.

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