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NYT: With a Vocabulary From ‘Goodfellas,’ Trump Evokes His Native New York

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35 minutes ago, RAN said:

With a Vocabulary From ‘Goodfellas,’ Trump Evokes His Native New York


I thought Trump's lingo had a certain familiar "flavor" to it. Glad somebody has put this together ...


Older than Trump, I was born and raised in NYC and I lived in every borough.  Very few New Yorkers talk like Trump or the characters in Mafia movies.   But from time to time, I ran into them.  I am one of those people mentioned in the article who would cross the street to avoid those types.  But I saw, some were drawn to them.


I worked with one guy of Irish ancestry, who was a charismatic raconteur.  In addition to his regular job, he entertained the local mobsters with stories, in their clubhouse.  He sometimes did errands and petty crimes, like arson, for them. I only know these things because he bragged about them.   He regretted that he "could never be made" because he wasn't Sicilian.  As far as I know, he was never caught.  I also worked with a guy of Italian ancestry who talked just like the characters in Goodfellas  but who detested the Mafia and wanted nothing to do with them.


Trump's speech always reminded me of the mob.

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