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Things liberals/democrats like about Hillary or believe why she lost the election

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Paying off Russia with the sale of Uranium to them.

Bills sexual follies in the White House

Comey's cover up of her criminal security leaks, they his covering his tail by reopening the case

Hillary's aid's democratic politicians and his nude photos-Weinner

Clinton Foundation (illegal) pay off to Russia and the rip off of Haiti

Hillary's congressional testimony lies

Benghazi negligence and the killing of our ambassador

Use of Clinton Foundation money for Chelsea's apartment (gee and Trump is bad mouthed for paying off a potential blackmailing prostitute)

Clinton's interference with the Loretta Lynch investigation

Hillary's accepting of the stolen debate questions during the campaign with Trump

Secret server at home with classified/secrete information on it (Comey, Mueller where were you?)

Illegally deleting 30,000 incriminating emails (Comey, Mueller where are you?)

Bernie Sanders election tampering illegal acts by Hillary and the democrats

Bills impeachment proceeding that were illegally interfered with by the democrats

Hillary claiming to have been under fire by snipers in Bosnia

Losing 10 billion dollars (she claims) when in charge of the State Dept.

Gee with such and magnificent record how could she lose even with the worthless liberals behind her?


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18 hours ago, benson13 said:

the tramp....4500+ Lies....yea, he's right up redneck ally


38% and Dropping


Next...IMPEACHMENT....we'll see who's Crying while America Celebrates 

two million, 9 hundred thousand of her votes were illegal, non citizens and non voters. 

Talk about who is rigging elections, its the wicked bitch of the east, HILLARY!  Suck a tit benson.

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