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Republicans and the majority of citizens who support Trump need to unite.

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The more the liberal left news media and loser socialist/communist democrats whine about Trump and attempt to make him out as the crooked one and involved in illegal acts the more their sick, hypocrite crooked incompetent minds become obvious.   Even with the liberals and anti Trumps in the liberal news networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc., taint the news with their phony anti Trump blurps and censoring the real news about illegal conduct by the Clintons, Obama, sleazy democrats like Schummer, Pelosi, Shiffty Schiff,  anyone with a brain and some self respect realizes that Trump is a saint compared to the loser liberals and democrats.   Comey and Mueller engaged in criminal conduct in their positions in the FBI and DOJ by covering up the criminal and treason acts by the Clintons and democrats for decades, they are Trump haters because they hate any person, politicians etc., who have the intelligence to do the job right and the courage to say it like it is, particularly when they are saying that the Clintons, Obama, democrats, Mueller, Comey are crooked to the core, grossly incompetent and should be in prison and they definitely should be.

Trump ;has accomplished more than they ever could have or did, by greatly improving our economy, brought to light the real harm the illegals are causing and forcing a solution, bought American KIA,s back to American soil from Korea who were ignored  before especially by the draft dodger military patriot haters like Clinton and Obama, Trump is confronting foreign countries about their taking advantage of American workers and products while other presidents like sleazy Clinton and Obama sold the country out, yet the sleazy liberal news media tries to undermine his efforts with phony news reports with the attempt to undermine his efforts and turn the public against him, destroy the country to hurt him and make themselves look good.

Republicans need to come together, put their backing behind Trump focus on the real criminals who committed numerous real criminal acts and destructive acts against this country and it's citizens for decades and continue to do so, including Mueller and Comey or they will find themselves out of office eventually.  The American public who put Trump in office and voted many of them in offices will not tolerate anything else, especially now that they have seen some one like Trump stand up to real corruption and incompetency by public officials, withstand the constant sleazy attacks by the phony liberal news media, and has dealt with the illegal use of the judicial system by crooked Mueller, Comey and the sick socialist/communist liberals and democrats,  and has accomplished good things for this country in his short time that the loser democrats and cowardly phony republican ignored and shimmied around for over forty years.  Republicans better get with the program, get to work or get the hell out of office. Pandora is out of the box and we no longer by the lies and sick politician con games of the past.   Washington is no longer your little playground to do as you see fit so you can continue to destroy this country and rip off the citizens/treasury.   No one cares about your politically correct lies and con games anymore, say it like it is, who the hell cares about some loser liberal whining about how offended they are with the truth and vulgar language, NO ONE WHO REALLY COUNTS! Start performing like real STATESMEN, not politicians and definitely not like the Clintons, Obama types, Pelosi and Schummer politicians.   

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