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where are the (teacher banned bad word) warrants for trump

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2 hours ago, bigsky said:

you stupid fu cking retards....where are the warrants...the indictments....where is the fu cking hand cuffs you retarded schlubs? yall blew yer wad in yer britches again...fu cking amateurs ….

Be patient 



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5 hours ago, Five By Five said:

patience young grasshopper


Mueller must get all his little duck farts in a row


Cards have been laid on the table..  More to come.. fortunately for you after the election



lofl...you dorks jump the gun on everything...mueller has got nothing now....all his indictments are done...and there was no flipping...as yall said there would be....no one had any dirt on trump....in view of that.....you still side with the corrupt witch hunting Obama sycophant dept of justice swamp donkeys.....you are a disgrace to the nation and the people of it.....all you piss ant bitches are....should be ashamed of your behavior....you do realize that after the election mueller Rosenstein and sessions will be fired...and they will be indicted by trumps new doj….and then so will Hillary and Obama....this is going to be a dark time for you dip Bad words.....






I hope....

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