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Radical Islam.

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Radical Islam.  


It took two attempts, but radical Islam finally managed to bring down the Twin Towers in New York City in 2001.  


Since that major attack on America, radical Islam attacks have persisted on a lesser scale.  Under the purposely vague label of "terrorism," according to newamerica.org, there have been 406 jihadist assaults on Americans, resulting in 103 deaths, since 2001.   


Countless other attempts have been thwarted by law enforcement.  A radical American-born Muslim group was busted in New Mexico teaching children to shoot up schools.  


Meanwhile, with help from a compliant media, sharia law proponents have reached critical mass to win statewide and congressional seats.  It's a creeping threat to our Constitution, the document essential to holding our increasingly diverse population together as a nation.  


Sharia law is not remotely compatible with our Constitution.  Nevertheless, Democrats find themselves increasingly allied with Muslims, including the girlfriend-assaulting deputy chair of the Democratic Party.


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