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It Will Never Physically Happen, But What If

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I got approved as Supreme Court Justice Replacing Ginsberg. A judge on the bench thinking now is Eternity and not protecting hypothetical standards used against ancestries by their own ancestors since the dawn of civilization.


what a fantasy.



I have a decade of staying with what I understand on every website I was allowed to post on.  vetted by social media about my views on how life actually works without speculating it has to work any other way and then govern human behavior by every other way imagined that how it sustains lifetime acting out roles of humanity.


it is a joke to think like this, but seriously I would defend the constitution like it hasn't been in 12 generations.

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On my way back from handing this application for next supreme court justice, I was listening to Rush go on about how Mueller is part of getting trump out of office and it hit me, rush isn't thinking big picture.  Muleller is leading to undoing the election system since 2010 removing progressives locally to federal levels and the 2016.


they are going for a grand slam reversing last 4 election cycles, that is what this blue wave crap is about. Not winning or losing the election of 2018 but doing away with the election sysem in 2018. Not from Russia or China or Islam, but it will fit the definition of an Arab Spring Bloming in the Fall of 2018.

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