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"It's a beautiful day, in the neighborhood...."

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56 minutes ago, Phoenix68 said:





"......And, Mueller's Army has helped Presidunce Spanky, TWICE, recently!!"

helping maintain the chaos, social doubt, people aren't equaly occupying the moment intellectually and image and illusion are all that matter in realty..So to keep the show going a few legs have to be broken to keep society on track and the geogrphical population in theater.


Your tyranny by any means is unfolding and all it took was folding a little origami samples of perpetual balancing. Scissors, paper, rock, hope, faith, charity, vs understanding why life never exceeded or exceeds the moment.

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5 minutes ago, Phoenix68 said:





"Mister Rogers" 50th




got to end it sometime, before the behavior ends those acting it out. Eternity is a closed system of continuing the results as eternally separated so far assorted in exact biological order. 


You advocate ignoring that ancestrally so you can play superior smarty pants covering up a real dumbass. Oh, Mr.Shaman, did I scorch your new molted feathers.

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