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The Real Russian Collusion

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3 minutes ago, personreal said:

Comrade benson is on the run from this...cause all he has left in life is "denial".   :)



I guarantee the lefties here will continue to run from the REAL Russian collusion by their own party.  :)

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21 minutes ago, dontlooknow said:

Fake news. 


  Putin is willing to investigate Russian citizens if they can investigate a man who left out of Russia with out paying tax on a very large amount of money and is said to have given 400 million of the theft crime money to the Hillery Democrat campaign. 


  Strange white collar crime with no convictions and  USA social engineering involvement in other country's for purposes of bringing about a backward feudal styled world government where herd animal citizens will not have property,  ..........................>>>>> speech or legal abilities<<<<<<<<<<<<.


USA should not be going into social engineering police actions without getting the proper constitutional authorization and the USA needs to protect its own borders according to the constitution.

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